Sales And Marketing Services To Manufacturers Of Natural, Organic And Environmentally-Friendly Products

Lyndhurst Naturals is a Western Canadian natural and eco-friendly products sales broker located in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. We provide the following services for manufacturers:


Review your brand and how it will "fit" in the Western Canadian market
Competitor review and pricing comparison
Agree sales strategy
Agree promotion plan plus budget

Sales/Marketing Management

New product presentations to distributers and store buyers
Annual store promotion plan submission, coordination and review
Merchandising and regular store visits
Promotion approvals
Ad and demo approvals and coordination
Sales rep product training
In-store audits
Distributor catalogue ad submission

Administrative Support

New item listings
Demo coordination staff administration
Promotion calendar review and spend approvals
Chargeback audits
Lump sum recap notifications


Booth booking, temporary staff recruitment and inventory coordination. Set up and take down.

Brand Representation

If you are interested in using Lyndhurst Naturals as your sales broker or require any further information regarding our services, then please contact us by telephone at
1-250-871-3115 or by e-mail at>
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